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PRIVACY POLICY I-spirit Software respects and protects the privacy of the recipients of its services (hereinafter “User”), in their entirety, which are provided invariably through the website (hereinafter “Website”) and of its products (hereinafter “Services”) and encourages each User to be informed of the Users’ personal data management policies followed by i-spirit software, in order to learn how we collect, use and provide access to the data. The above suggestion is not limited to i-spirit software Services, but refers to services provided by any other service provider, who follows a privacy policy, to which reference is made through a hyperlink or simple citing of its details on the Website, products and Services of i-spirit software. i-spirit software is not liable for the privacy policy followed or the website contents or the products or services available by other entities. The use of the i-spirit software Services results in the unconditional acceptance of the following provisions and terms. In case you do not agree with all the provisions and terms below, do not use the i-spirit software Services. USE OF PERSONAL DATA i-spirit Software collects and uses the necessary personal data of its Users through the Website, its products and Services, in order to manage and provide you the required Services and browsing of the Website. The collection and use of your personal data assists in the continuous enhancement of the level of Services provided by i-spirit software. i-spirit software has the right to assign any use of your personal data (excluding sensitive personal data), to which it is entitled in accordance with this document, to trusted partners thereof. The use of personal data by third parties, as provided for in this document, is simultaneously reserved for i-spirit software. i-spirit software uses personal data identifiers - including exclusively name, phone number, email address, work or residential address - (hereinafter "PDI"), in order to contact you to inform you about other products or services provided thereby and notify you of any statement, assurance, information, report, request, provision of consent or other communication provided for in the contract concluded between you and i-spirit software. i-spirit software is entitled to contact you for research purposes in relation to your opinion on the Services provided or new Services that may be provided, use the name and corporate name or distinctive title of its Users for promotional purposes as well as provide access to PDI in combination with purely business data thereof to third parties for commercial purposes. i-spirit software does not sell, lease or otherwise provide access to its Users' personal data to third parties. i-spirit software is entitled to contact you on behalf of associated third parties thereof in relation to a specific offer, in which you might be interested. In such a case, your PDI are not provided to third parties. i-spirit software is entitled to provide your personal data collected through the Website, its products and Services to trusted partners thereof for statistical analysis purposes, contact with you and supply of maintenance. Every third party is prohibited from using your personal data to the extent it does not pertain to the agreed services, while every third party is bound to maintain your personal data confidential. A trusted partner of i-spirit software is the one that is independently recognized thereby as such. i-spirit software does not make combined use of websites or other media or collaborate with third parties to verify your identity or collect more of your personal data without your consent. In this case, the means of your identification and collection of more of your personal data shall be lawful and the collection of personal data shall not be conducted invariably. i-spirit software is committed to absolute confidentiality of your sensitive personal data. i-spirit software collects and uses your personal information, provided this is required by applicable law or in the event that it is considered in good faith that such an act is necessary in order to: (a) comply with statutory provisions or legal procedures applicable to i-spirit software for all matters relating to the Website, products or Services thereof, (b) protect and defend its rights and interests. The time of storage of the Users’ personal data, collected through the Website, products and Services of i-spirit software shall not be less than the minimum necessary time to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. Each of your personal data, which was collected to meet these goals, may remain stored, as long as it may be taken up as part of a new use thereof. The use of personal data shall be in accordance with this document, as updated each time, from the time of update thereof. The personal data already collected by i-spirit software through the Website, products and Services may be used for new uses that may be provided for. The Users’ personal data shall be deleted after 10 years from termination of the contractual relationship, under which they were collected. The Users’ personal data that have already been used for a certain purpose cannot be deleted or otherwise removed, as long as this is not reasonably possible or would alter the result of the use. WEB TRACKING Web tracking technology used by i-spirit software allows us to know the activity of visitors to our sites, in order to determine which of the emerging services are most popular, improve the content of websites, which includes the display of advertising messages to users, whose behavior indicates that they are particularly interested in certain categories of services and defend all our legitimate interests. Web tracking technology may be used in combination with cookies without being detected by the User. Web tracking technology may relay information to third parties, in particular service providers to i-spirit software, which serve the purposes for which i-spirit software collects and uses the Users’ personal data. COOKIES i-spirit software uses cookies. Cookies are text segments that are installed on your hard disk by the Website provider when you visit it. They cannot be used to run a program or install malicious software on your computer. The main purpose of using cookies is to improve your browsing experience and use of the Website. Cookies, upon acceptance thereof, personalize and facilitate your browsing of the Website, informing the provider that you returned thereto. This simplifies the process of recording your personal data by providing i-spirit software with the ability to reopen specific information, which you had entered in previous browsing, at subsequent browsings. You can accept or decline cookies. Acceptance of cookies may be limited by the settings on your computer; however, this may limit your use of functions and elements of the Website. SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA i-spirit software assures that your personal data are electronically secured against unauthorized access and use, and that the storage facilities are maintained in a controlled and secure environment, protected against unauthorized access and use. ACCESS TO PERSONAL DATA i-spirit software provides access to your personal data, without prior notice, only in cases where this is required by law or in the event that this is considered in good faith that such action is necessary in order to: (a) comply with statutory provisions or legal procedures applicable to i-spirit software for each website, product or Service thereof, (b) protect and defend its rights and interests, and (c) act in urgent circumstances in order to protect the personal safety of its users. MODIFICATIONS TO THE PRIVACY POLICY This document contains the entire privacy policy for your personal data. i-spirit software will periodically amend this document, in order to keep you updated on the privacy policy it follows. i-spirit software encourages each User to regularly check this document, in order to take prompt and timely knowledge of the latest updates. In the event where the privacy policy is updated, the continued use of the Website, products and Services of i-spirit software by you and any communication, following the update, to i-spirit software of personal data on your part, shall be deemed as conclusive acceptance of the updated version of the privacy policy in its entirety and unconditionally. APPLICABLE LAW The visit to the Website and the use of the i-spirit software products and Services are governed by the Greek law. i-spirit software reserves every right, to which it is entitled by the national, European or international law. CONTACT DETAILS We are constantly taking measures to ensure you a high level of services and safety. If you have any questions, comments or issues regarding the privacy policy we follow or consider that i-spirit software does not comply with the provisions and terms of this document or wish to report any modification of your personal data, please contact i-spirit software via email to the email address: You will receive a reply within a reasonable time by email or other means, as long as you have provided the necessary contact details.

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