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i-spirit english edition

I-SPIRIT is an accounting software with multi-industry applicability

A hybrid electronic billing and accounting platform

Within two years, the application became the necessary information tool (Business Software) for small businesses, freelancers, professional firms offering legal or medical services, architects, etc.

I-spirit combines the advantages of a cloud and a desktop application, delivering the ultimate result in managing your business.

The e-invoicing application i-spirit is innovating because it has all the benefits of an application cloud that has: • Zero cost of adaptation and use • Minimal volume of files • Automatic backups

It also provides security because it is a locally installed application (desktop).

With these two innovations, the application development team provides you with security in your transactions, organizing your invoices, digitally archiving your books and data, and providing immediate information on your business's financial performance.

i-Spirit’s Helpdesk is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00 at 2169000645 and 24 * 7 * 365 at support@i-spirit.gr

The application includes: Commercial management - Financial management - Electronic invoicing - Accounting management - Interfacing with accounting applications - Connection with terminals (P.O.S - Tax mechanism) - Electronic archiving of revenue and expense books - Electronic transmission of duplicate articles - Automatic backup.

Specifically, i-Spirit’s functions include:

• Creating bids and single-click bid transformation into sales documents

• Electronic delivery of sales invoices (receipts of retail transactions, invoices and credit / cancelation) only by using the Internet

• Ability to register handwritten sales and receipts

• Registration of purchase, local and foreign fixed assets • Financial management of customers and suppliers (tabs, statistics)

• mini C.R.M - partner – seller management

• Checking and sending data to SDS for retail invoices and receipts (made obligatory under n/4446 Retail Link Interface) * New

• Automatic connection to P.O.S transaction terminals which eliminates any mistakes and fines. * New

• Electronic archiving and printing of copy books (books of income and expenses) • Sending a file for entering data in the program of the accountant you are working with

• Creating sales accounting articles for duplicate books

• Reporting tool for statistics and reports of items, customers, suppliers, purchases and sales

• Exporting files in all popular formats (pdf, excel, csv)

• Automatically backing-up to a different device or your personal internet site

• Free copywriter and calculating spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) through the application • One year support service (phone support, upgrades, and remote support).

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The software is carrently available for use in Greece

Electronic delivery of sales invoice
Electronic delivery of sales invoice
  • Electronic delivery of sales invoice
  • i-spirit accounting software
  • Electronic delivery of sales invoice i-spirit