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To whom is it adressed to

Exploiter of living space and accommodation,educational institute, kindergarden, clinic or infirmary,beauty centers, gyms, Parkings,Doctors and dentists, spectacles& entertainment exploiters,
lottery,PROPO,LOTTO agent,businesses passenger transport in general,veterinarian, physiotherapist, biologist, psychologist, midwife,lawyer, notary, unpaid registrar of mortgages, bailiff,architect, engineer, topographer, chemist, agriculturist, geologist, forester, oceanographer, designer, journalist, writer, interpreter, guide, translator, teacher, artist, sculptor or painter or cartoonist or engraver, actor, performer music works or composer,artists clubs, dancer, choreographer, director, stage designer, costume designer, decorator, economist, analyst, developer, researcher and business consultant, accountant or tax adviser, actuary, sociologist, social worker, expert, homeopathic, alternative therapy, therapist, speech therapist, speech pathologist, real estate agency,funeral home, office marriage, office handling confidential work, employment office, the person engaged in the construction of any technical work (such as carpenter, blacksmith, plumber, electrician, bricklayer and generally those involved in construction work) and the manufacturer epitaph monuments (Marble), exploiter agricultural machinery mill or mills or rice husking factor,daily and periodical press business for collecting subscriptions, rental of passenger cars, issuing communal buildings accounts, cleaning and disinfection of houses, repair and maintenance of elevators and other residential facilities, goods forwarder business.